Today, is turtle soup.
I sure do, Rank 25-sama!


I sure do, Rank 25-sama!


What have I done.

What have I done.

You SAY he doesn't have drills, but he's bound to get access to Drill Run again so that there's actually a method of breeding it onto Escavalier again that doesn't require Gen V carts.

Beedrill is no ojousama. He will never have drills. And he will never run with said drills.

These types of gags are never unfunny.

Best generals.

…Forgive me, Desert trio!

I think when this series is over, I’m going to have to compile all the ludicrous ‘evil’ dialogue she gets. She tries so hard, bless.



An assortment of pages (in no particular order) from Sonic the Hedgehog #259, #258, and #257. #259 was made in collaboration with Tracy Yardley. Made in Fall/Winter 2013/14.

Look how serious and professional I sound on my portfolio blog.

These illustrations, god damn. I want to be this good.


'I want Hosshiwa' is better.

There’s no denying it. I’m clearly playing favourites here.